Wallis and Steevens Simplicity Steam Roller 1:87

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    • Wallis and Steevens Simplicity Steam Roller 1:87


      About a week ago I started with building a Simplicity Steam roller. I came across this cardmodel at the IPMS in Nieuwegein a month ago.
      The card model consists of 5 postcards . The model is scale 00, so 1:76. I scaled it down to 1:87.
      What is interresting about this steam roller is that the boiler is not horizontal but it is under an angle of about 25 degrees.

      I forgot to make picture right from the start. Below are some pictures half way down the build process.
      The build is not easy because some of the parts are very fiddly but also because some of the parts do not fit very well.
      I experienced problems in the area of the front roller and the chimney.
      I also noted that e.g. the steering wheel will not fit properly around the boiler without some modifications. So some more modifications ahead.
      Apart from that it is an interresting model.


    • All,

      Fertig. The little steam roller is ready. Below some photos of the little beast.
      I spoiled the looks of the left rear wheel when painting the backside black.
      So maybe I will weather the steam roller a bit later on.

      Eef, it looks good and is probably easier to build than 1:87 daumen1
      The parts around the boiler fit better on your version than on mine.
      I can see you also had problems with the chimney. You already mentioned at the IPMS that some parts did not fit.
      I did not like the wheel surfaces and the roof being orange so I painted them grey.

      The last photo is taken on my scale N inglenook layout with some Preiser figures to show the scale.