Nakajima Ki-43 - Halinski - 1/33

    • Nakajima Ki-43 - Halinski - 1/33


      As announced, the next plane will be a Nakajima Ki-43, from Halinski. The kit was released in 2006, when they published more new (and good) kits than variants and alternative liveries.

      My copy of the kit is in gloss paper. It is not apparent on the general kit pictures but the aluminum finish is very shinny. Gloss paper is not the best friend of white glue and I am expecting some difficulties.

      The Ki-43 is an elegant fighter of regular size. So, not surprisingly, the kit has the usual 4 pages in color and two in black and white, in thin paper. Having a radial engine, the number of parts is close to 850. Quite respectable!