Type 2592 Osaka Armoured Car @ 1/72

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    • Type 2592 Osaka Armoured Car @ 1/72

      Hello and season greetings to all!

      I choose this small kit for my first building thread in this forum, I hope you enjoy it.
      The kit is a free download which can be found, along with many others, here: landships.info/landships/models.html#

      When I found it, it brought me remembrances of my childhood, when I enjoyed reading Tintin. In one of it titles "The blue Lotus", which takes place during the Japanese occupation of China, a very similar Armored car appears.

      The original kit is at 1/50, but I downscaled it to 1/72 in order to have it fit with my many other builds; this requires extra skill, but, anyway, it can be tackled by the average modeler.
      I'm assembling the kit much more forthright, only I'm deleting the joining tabs, which I found troublesome at very small scales; also I added some internal reinforcements to ensure the squareness of box shaped parts.
      Here are some pics:

    • Happy New Year to all!
      After the busy family meetings I found some relax with my paper modelling combined with classical music.
      I completed the wheels and turret. The wheels aren't in place yet because the axis shaft is too short and I'll have to make a new one.
      here are the pics:

    • Many thanks again to all of you following this thread! danke1
      The most complex part of the model are the front mudguards. Each of them consists of two parts, an inner surface and an outer one; but as both pieces are of identical size, the inner one won't fit inside the outer unless you printed them in very thin paper.
      In my case, the model was printed in 130gr paper and I had to discard the inner parts.

      The fixing of the mudguards to the chassis is also a bit intuitive, as the instructions provide few clues and their shape is misguiding with the longer endings outwards. After some dry fit testing I managed to glue them to the appropriate place.

      For the axle shafts I ended using a wire rod of the correct length and devised a simple joint with rolled paper.

      And so the model is finished!

      More pictures to follow in the Gallery!
      My regards to all!