D51-200 Tender Locomotive

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    • D51-200 Tender Locomotive

      I have chosen to shift gears from dioramas for awhile unitl castings become available for my next stationary steam engine.

      I will be building here a Japanese iconic locomotive in 1:24 scale. It is a significant model crafted in steel, brass, and cast die metal. No Plastic.

      The delivery truch arrived this afternoon with all the goodies packaged in boxes.

      The origninal intent of the distributor was to ship the kit in stages over a period of several months. Then the option was made to purchase the model all at once as you can seee from the number of boxes in the front hall!
    • Hello All,
      On April 19 I announced that I would be building a Japanese iconic locomotive with tender.

      However, I was talked into posting the thread of its build on a metal based global forum. The lads there have built many live steam engines and were very helpful.

      I am pleased to return to this thread soon with a build of a wooden frigate of the Royal Navy circa 1789.

      The completed D51 Tender Locomotive can be found in the gallery on this site.