S 200 Modelik 1:25

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    • S 200 Modelik 1:25

      I also register for the GS 2020. This time with a locomotive of -originally- Czech production and its 25 times smaller love child begotten by the Polish Jan Kolodziej and Modelik.

      It is a six axle road switcher* powered by a diesel engine and an electric power transmission. It was in production between 1963 and 1994, altogether 8200 units. They were made in a standard (1.435 m) and a Russian (1.676 m) gauge.

      * Road switcher denotes a railway locomotive designed to haul and shunt railcars in the mainline service and railroad yards. It has a set back cabin because of more safety in the case of an accident and it also gives a better rear visibility.

      The cover page informs the builder that the model was printed digitally. The modeling community received this new method with certain skepsis. We will see how this feature will display during the construction because, according to my personal experience, the so printed colour cracks easily, is not as durable as the offset-printed surfaces.

      This locomotive model has got three model versions: Modelik published this one together with the red T448p in 1:25, while about a decade ago the ADW published the 4 colour green-yellow-red-black in 1:45 Both are very fine sets..

      The other attention-raising characteristic is the colouring: there are matt and glowing parts so I hope it will be pleasant to see the harmony of the matt black underpart and the semi-shining superstructure. I want to paint only the edges, the rest will remain as ’concieved’.

      The booklet has got 21 coloured pages with 2108 components and 6 and 3/4 pages with the formers which I use very rarely.
      Immaculate print, agreeable to hold in hands.

      I shall publish the accompanying text in English. It is a more efficient medium for me to formulate my thoughts.
      My home is being reelectrified these days so you will have to wait for the first pictures a few days.
      Best regards from / Liebe Grüsse von: Krisztián
      People buying model booklets think they also buy the time necessary for their assembly. But I am old enough to know it is not true at all. verlegen2 prost2