Cuirassé Solférino Französisches Panzerschiff 1859 - 1:275

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      Well, in English, I feel better at writing ... ..... rescued from the gorgeous but ill-fated SHD website (Service Historique de la défense), closes some years ago, after being hacked several times. I guess you have this, anyway, before making your mind about whether to build this vessel or not.

      About colours to paint the Solférino with, I leave you enjoying what I discovered right now in my computer, when back from work. What a shame, in 2018, Ludwig asked me for those informations, regarding colours, and I couldn't answer in a clear way, for I did not remember I had the answer for ten years now... I can put it into English, not German. I'll step again to studying German as soon as retired, when I have some more time to, that is exactly one year (I hope...) after the Maritime Museum in Paris reopen. (Magenta et Solférino (Revue MRB n°189, mai-juin et n°190, juillet-août 1976))

      Black or white hull, depending on the area where the ship was sent? However, here is a photograph, unfortunately I have not, showing this very vessel in Algiers, in her dark livery, although taken in the Mediterranean sea.