FS Dieseltriebwagen ALn 668 am Bahnhof Roncegno (Valsugana)

  • Hallo zusammen!

    Dieses Thread öffne ich, um mein letztes Project euch zu zeigen.

    Once more let me use English to show you the technical aspects of this build.

    I started by building the train, which in this case is an Italian diesel railcar ALn (Automotrice Leggera nafta - light diesel railcar) 668. It was very common in all Italian railways and still today you can see some of them in service. The body is a papercraft I found on internet that I improved with some small details, but the chassis and wheels come from an old H0 scale wagon.

    The ALn is now almost finished and it needs only some minor adjustments.

    Here are some pics of the building process.

    Feel free to give me feedbacks and suggestions!

    In the next post I'll show you the building of the station.

    Tschüss und bis bald!


  • I continue in English just because I can write faster and in a more precise way.

    Before I show you the station, here are some others photos of the almost finished and weathered ALn 668. I hope you enjoy them!

    Bis bald!


  • Danke Railgoon!

    So, coming to the diorama, let's see some sketches:

    At the end I chose the circled one, and I'll recreate the Roncegno station along the Valsugana railway. The scene will take place in late 1980s.

    Focusing on the station, here are some pics of the work in progress. Everything is made with 1mm cardboard that I sculped and covered with one layer of diluted plaster to obtain some wall texture.

    I will also create an interior wood structure to keep the walls well in place.

    Basically here is the work I've done until now. And here is a photo that will explain my idea of diorama:

    I'll surely keep you updated on the w.i.p.!

    Bis bald!


  • Hi Giacomo,

    nice project! Regarding the ALn: Why did you build the roof from two pieces that then needed to be spackled, instead of building one piece from cardboard in the appropriate shape?

    Viele Grüße


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  • Vielen Dank für alle die Likes!

    kartonbahntt the reason for this strange roof construction is that the papercraft needed to be modified to be more realistic. In fact in the drawing below you can see that the roof has two curvatures at the two ends. With another piece of cardboard I managed to obtain this result, or at least I tried:

    Dieter Danke schön! Ich habe die gleiche Technik in dem anderen kleinen Diorama, um das Bahnwärterhaus zu bauen.

    Bis bald!


  • Hello Giacomo,

    your project is looking very nice, I am looking forward to the further progress.



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  • Tolle Fortschritte daumen1

    Wo steht dieser Bahnhof ?

    HS-Design (Hartmut Scholz) hat auch viel italienisches im Programm klasse1

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