Space Shuttle Endeavour STS - 49 / L. Badalec, ABC magazine / 1:100

  • So... my current project is the space shuttle in 1:100. I am making the the heat schield tiles plastic, so I cut them almost all separate and glue them to the body of the orbiter.

    I am trying to recreate the situation that happened during STS-49 flight, when outside the orbiter were 3 astronauts and they were catching the Intelsat satellite by hands. Most of the orbiter is completed and I will slowly began work on the cargo bay and scratch-building the cargo and equipment of this particular flight.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Space Shuttle Endeavour STS - 49 / L. Badalec, ABC magazine / 1:00” to “Space Shuttle Endeavour STS - 49 / L. Badalec, ABC magazine / 1:100”.
  • Very good work, daumen1

    I know this model, I have build it any years contact with the MIR

    but from where you have the interieur?

    Viele Grüße, Michael

    Der Mensch lernt und leimt - und alles klebt gut!

  • Incredible 👍 do you have more pictures? I am also going to build the shuttle-mir model but using the Revell kits.

    The interior is resized from shuttle Atlantis from Betexa in 1:72

  • Thank you very much, I know the Mir from AXM but yours looked much better 😁🙆🏼‍♂️ so I had a hope, that maybe there is another Mir somewhere. Anyway, on AXM sites, there is a note that MIR will be added soon in 1:100.. So now and then, I am checking this site. Your model looks amazing ☝️

  • Thank you for the compliment! danke1

    You can take the russian parts of the AXM-ISS with some Changings...

    Viele Grüße, Michael

    Der Mensch lernt und leimt - und alles klebt gut!

  • Hello guys, some update here. The payload bay doors are completed and the Intelsat cradle is equipped with the motor so it can spin

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  • And now it is completed. Building this model I learned a lot and even though, I was quite masochistic with all those tiles, I Really enjoyed it 🙂

  • A-ma-zing! You are demonstrating an incredibly high level in building and in composing your pictures. Congratulations on this superb build.

    Regards, Martin

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