Terms Of Use

  1. Terms of Use

    Terms of Use 1. The imprint must be read and understood before writing an article for the first time.

    2. The terms of use must be read and understood, and this must be confirmed during registration.

    3. The user is bound by the terms of use until the final deletion of his user data.

    4. The specification of false personal data for the use of the offer of our forum is prohibited (spying on data, § 202a StGB), and leads to the blocking of the user without comment!

    The use of a pseudonym is only permitted in the profile of the user. Due to the principle of courtesy, we expect that every new member introduces himself with a meaningful text after the first registration in the sub-forum "Who am I". After this introduction, the user is automatically granted full access to the forum.

    +++ ATTENTION! +++

    If the new member does not introduce himself, he will not be able to use many functions of the forum!

    5. Consideration, courtesy and mutual respect are the basis for peaceful coexistence and objective discussions. This also includes dealing with problems that arise calmly, objectively and not in the forum public, but via PM (conversation). Much will turn out to be unintentional or a misunderstanding, and can easily be dispelled. The team is available for arbitration questions at any time!

    6. Disparaging, irrelevant, insulting or vulgar statements about forum members, their models, other forums and their members, or about publishers and designers will not be tolerated (not even in the signature). Please always formulate criticism objectively and moderately. The team reserves the right to edit and delete.

    7. Private messages (here conversation) are not intended for the forum public. Unless the sender expressly agrees, their publication is strictly prohibited (the same applies to e-mails). Forwarding problematic PNs to the team is exempt from this rule.

    8. As part of the comment function, we collect personal data (e.g. name, email). As part of your comment on a contribution, only to the extent that you have communicated it to us. When you publish a comment, the email address you provided will be saved but not published. Your name will be published if you have not written under a pseudonym. The use of a pseudonym is only permitted in the profile of the user.

    9. Every member is obliged to adhere to the applicable German legal system. Violation of copyright law or the display of unconstitutional characters, even on the covers of sheets and on pictures of models, is strictly prohibited. The same applies to insults, violence glorifying, racist, pornographic and the like. contributions that are not in line with common decency. These will be deleted immediately or moved to a non-public area of ​​the forum. Failing members must expect a warning, temporary suspension and, in serious cases, expulsion.

    10. This forum is ad-free and non-commercial. This does not affect the personal statements of the non-commercial members. For commercial members there is a partnership ("partnership publisher") based on reciprocity. There is no compensation for both parties. Publishers interested in a partnership, please contact the operator. The signature may not be used for commercial advertising or for prohibited or provocative statements. The forum members are asked to be reluctant to choose political or ideological currencies in their signature.

    11. The team (operators, administrators and moderators) has a duty of supervision (see point 4) on the one hand, and tries to ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the forum on the other. It is the contact person for all questions, suggestions, criticisms and problem cases. Decisions that could result in sanctions for individual members are generally discussed in the team and the person concerned is informed, including the reasons. The member is given the opportunity to comment or reply. Moving topics with suspicious or objectionable posts to a non-public forum area is NOT a sanction. Every team member is authorized to take this measure, for example if the team is informed of a possible legal violation (picture, model, text). Both the affected member and the rest of the team are to be informed immediately and the situation to be clarified among those involved in a timely manner. The team's decision is final!

    12. The copyright / right of use for the posted topics and contributions, insofar as they are capable of being protected by copyright, remains with the user. This grants the operators of "die-kartonmodellbauer.de", however, with the setting of a topic or contribution, the right to keep the topic or contribution permanently on their websites. In addition, the operators of "die-kartonmodellbauer.de" have the right to postpone or close all topics and posts, as well as to delete and edit them if there are serious reasons (i.e. violations of applicable law or violations of the terms of use).

    13. Members who are excluded or who leave the forum are given the opportunity to save or delete their contributions before their account is closed (the normal period is fourteen days). The forum operators expressly exclude letting this possibly time-consuming work be imposed on them. If you do not use this option, you lose the right to deletion at the moment the account is deleted, and the reports are retained. Later deletions are possible by arrangement and, if necessary, for an expense allowance. This section of the forum regulations must be reminded of the member concerned at the same time as the deletion option is granted.

    14. Declaration of principle by the operator of “die-kartonmodellbauer.de”: We commit ourselves to a responsible handling of the content that has been posted in this forum over the years. Nevertheless, we recommend that every member save copies of the construction reports and pictures on their own storage media for security. The declared goal should also be the continuation of the forum and the preservation of the data in the event of changes within the operating community (expressly also in the event of disagreements). The operators inform the forum community as early as possible if for any reason it is no longer possible for them to continue operating the forum, so that solutions can be sought.

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